Nepal Trekking

Nepal is known as the best trekking destination in the world. for its natural beauty. Trekking to the high Himalaya through along the ringing river, through the dense forest, incredible terrace rolling fields, Beautiful beaten path trek trail, Scenic river bank and valley, a Picturesque mountain village at the lap of the green hill and snow cap mountain. The rhododendron and magnolia forest along the trek trail. Many Protected animals such as Red panda, Musk deer, Black bear, Snow leopard, Peoples and their own  Culture and tradition. Hindus and Buddhist temple and Monastery on the way. Breathtaking landscape and valley and its friendly and smiling people, Evergreen trekking destination in Nepal and chances to experience with Nepal’s rich culture and its diversity. Every different area different ethnic group and their own culture and tradition.
We have more than six thousand snowcap mountain among them eight high mountain above eight thousand meters. We have the highest mountain in the world. We have deepest George in the world.

Packages for Nepal Trekking