Nepal is a small land lock Country between India and China. Nepal was known as the land of Himalayas. The  Himalaya extend  all over northern Nepal and occupy about forty percent of the total area of Nepal. It lies in  South Asia. Geographically it is small but  Naturally and Culturally it is very rich that’s why many people visit this small country from all over the world. We have Highest Mountain in the world, deepest George in world and we have land below sea level. Geographically it is divided into main three  Region these are  Mountain Region, Mid Hilly Region, and Terai region.  White snow cap mountain is the main  Tourist attraction in Nepal. So every year thousands of tourist come from the all over the world. We have eight highest Mountain above 8000m in total 14 mountain above 8000m in the world.
In Nepal thirty million people among them more than 130 ethnic group and  more than 125 different dialects they speak. They have their own culture and lifestyle.  In Nepal  Tourist main attraction is Trekking tours, expedition, white water rafting, Bird watching and jungle walk etc. Nepal is very popular for its flora and fauna. According to the data 2.5% or 25th position in Asia and 11th position in the world for flora and fauna.
People of Nepal are divided into various classes and subclasses. They speak different dialects. They wear the different traditional dress, they eat different food.  And they fallow different religion.


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